Civic Engagement

Civic Engagement

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Door-to-door canvassing

The NAACP, along with our 1 million plus members,. advocates, and activists throughout the United States, are frontline advocates committed to raising awareness for political, educational, social and economic equality for communities of color in the electoral and legislative process.

Door to door canvassing is one of the most effective tatics for voter contact, and the backbone of Democratic campaigns’ field organizing strategy. We will be using the NGPO Van’s mobile canvassing app and here are the top five reasons: 1. Instant data entry- time is money when you are racing to hit your win number, and etering data from the first pass through a region can cost valuable hours, leaving volunteers waiting for updated second-pass turf. With MiniVan’s instant data sync, campain staff can quickly see canvass results and make real time decisions about where to send voluteers.

2. No more turf packets-for a MiniVAN canvass, simply cut turf in VAN as usual and provide the list number to volunteers who will sign in to MiniVAVV with their unique Action IDs, making it easy to track who is working on each turf.

3. Happy volunteers – one of the easiest ways to keep your volunteers happy is to streamline the process that thwy will go through on a canvass day.

4. Save the trees – The procdess of organizing a political campaign can be daunting, and with so many moving pieces to coordinate, it can be easy to loose sigh of things live enviromental impact.MiniVAN removes the need for constant paper consumption.

5. See Your Progress at a Glance – Using tools like MiniVAN Manager, campaign staff can monitor the vital stats of every canvasser, including location, progress and effectiveness in real time.

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