Volunteer Award

The ABC Senior Volunteer of the Year:

Dianne Jackson

Since 2019, this remarkable individual has been quietly weaving the fabric of mentorship and a positive influence. Through the program known as The Slight Edge, our volunteer has been guiding students on a journey of self-discovery and positive daily choices. The Seven Principles they instill—Show Up, Be Consistent, Have a Good Attitude, Be Committed, Have Faith and a Burning Desire, Be Willing to Pay the Price, and Have Integrity—form the foundation for a Championship Daily Checklist, shaping their approach to home, school, and nutrition.

She has gone above and beyond to provide our students with motivation and to ensure that high expectations are maintained. The impact of their efforts is reflected in the data—Office Discipline Referrals have decreased by an average of 85%, and classroom disruptions, noted in our “Calls for Assistance” log, have seen a decrease of 100% for the participants. The teachers’ reports highlight improvements in class participation and overall attitude.

Currently mentoring 4th and 6th graders, our volunteer’s influence extends beyond the academic realm. The anticipation among students for their weekly mentor sessions speaks volumes about the enthusiasm and passion with which The Slight Edge material is delivered. As the 6th graders looped up with the group from 5th graders last school year, the continuity of this mentorship has become a cherished tradition, eagerly awaited by our students.

Today, as we honor our Volunteer of the Year, let us recognize the impact of their tireless efforts on the success and well-being of our students. Please join me in acknowledging the incredible dedication and commitment of our Senior Volunteer of the Year.

And the Senior Volunteer of the Year goes to… (open envelope and announce winner) Dianne Jackson from University Park Elementary.


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